CEO Message

Welcome to the POSCO DAEWOO website.

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support and encouragement for POSCO DAEWOO.

Since its establishment in 1967, POSCO DAEWOO has played a leading role and followed the same path in Korea's economic growth, carrying out businesses in the field of international trade, project organizing and resource development.

Taking a leap toward the next 50 years, we will concentrate on our mid- and long-term strategy “2 Core + 3 Expansion”, by mobilizing investment resources based on the stable revenue from the gas field in Myanmar which has been in production since 2013. By relentlessly developing new projects, we will strive towards becoming a Global Integrated Corporation that leads the future global market.

Pursuing the 2 Core + 3 Expansion Strategy and New Projects Targeting Strategic Regions

Steel and oil & gas are POSCO DAEWOO's core businesses. We plan to expand our profit base by integrating domestic and international distribution channels in steel business sector, while acquiring additional and new gas field exploration rights in oil & gas. We also plan to broaden our business scope by expanding the value chain in the food, automobile parts and IPP (independent power producer) businesses.

Furthermore, we will generate new business projects tirelessly in order to continue our growth into a 100-year old company. Along with these efforts, we will explore strategic regions in connection with the company’s strategic projects, while establishing regionally-specific and market-expanding strategies.

Realizing the Value of Trust and Sharing by Fulfilling Our Social Responsibility

POSCO DAEWOO takes the initiative in complying with international norms on human rights and
environmental protection as well as the Fair Trade Act. Through our Compliance Program, we make
sure that fair trade practices take firm root in our corporate culture, while continuing our efforts to
develop new projects with small- and medium-sized enterprises and pursue shared growth.

Furthermore, we coexist with our community and fulfill our social responsibility by caring for
those in need at home, while carrying out various educational and medical care activities

POSCO DAEWOO will stand side by side with our
shareholders, client companies
and other
stakeholders, always
doing our best as a responsible
member of the community.

We ask for your continued
interest in and support for
Thank you.


POSCO DAEWOO Corporation
Kim Young-Sang, President and CEO